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The main purpose of the monitoring of the Regional Investment Standard by the expert group is to obtain objective information how well the executive authorities actions comply with the Regional Investment Standard requirements and with business needs. 

The Governor stressed the importance of the plan of cooperation between our countries which was presented by the head of the Japanese government Shinzo Abe to the President of Russia Vladimir Putin in May, 2016 in Sochi. He noted that regional authorities are already to work in this direction and are willing to offer a number of promising projects to business community of the neighboring state. 

The Ministry for Development of the Russian Far East has announced the selection of investment projects for inclusion in the state program of the Russian Federation "Socio-economic development of the Russian Far East and the Baikal Region".

The gross regional product is estimated to 656,9 billion, or 106% compared to the same period of the previous year. The volume of industrial production is 534,9 billion rubles, or 106,6 percent.

The possibility of expanding cooperation of the island region with foreign partners from countries of the European Union were discussed in Moscow yesterday. In the office of the European Business Association the presentation of the Sakhalin region for potential investors was held.

The regional authorities hope that it will contribute to the development of entrepreneurship. This was announced during the press conference by the first Deputy Minister of Economic Development of the Sakhalin region Andrey Rechkin.
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