Fishery complex of the Sakhalin region

Key industries

Fishery complex of the Sakhalin region

In the fishery complex of the Sakhalin Oblast, the main objects of fishing are traditionally: pollock, cod, herring, flounders, navaga, rasp, saury, Pacific salmon and crab.

The volume of fish production in 2018 (according to SKTU Rosrybolovstva) amounted to 672.2 thousand tons. , the production of processed fish products and seafood amounted to 491.7 thousand tons.

Fish delivered and fish products to the domestic market of the region 1746 tons. Fish and seafood exported in kind about 280 thousand tons or 103.3% to the level of 2017, in cost expressed in the amount of about 568 million US dollars or 102.7% . The main trading partners of the Sakhalin Oblast in 2018 remained the countries of the Asia-Pacific region: China, the Republic of Korea, and Japan.

Investments in fixed assets in 2018 in the fishing industry amounted to 4316.8 million rubles, including by type of economic activity “fishing and fish farming”- 2699.6 million rubles, “processing and preserving of fish and seafood”- 1,617.2 million rubles

As part of the implementation of the state program “Development of the fishery complex of the Sakhalin Region” for 2018, funds from the regional budget were provided in the amount of 8820.0 thousand rubles State support to enterprises of the industry is presented in the amount of 5032.0 thousand rubles. 23 enterprises received state support in the form of preferential tariffs for electricity.


As part of the activities of the subprogram “Development of the investment potential of the Sakhalin Region” of the state program “Economic Development and Innovation Policy of the Sakhalin Region” by the Fisheries Agency of the Sakhalin Region in accordance with the approved Decree of the Government of the Sakhalin Region dated 04/07/2017 No. 161 in In 2018, subsidies in the amount of more than 238 million rubles were provided, including for investment projects:

Kanif LLC

  • “Construction of the building of a processing complex with a refrigerator in the city of Nevelsk” 42.6 million rubles.
  • “Construction of a salmon fish farm on the river. Free ”for the purchase of additional equipment for the new plant built in 2017, 5.6 million rubles.

Alaid LLC

  • “Modernization of the fish processing enterprise in Severo-Kurilsk” for the purchase of new equipment in the amount of 72.2 million rubles

LLC PKF “South Kuril Fish Factory”

  • “Increasing the catch of aquatic and biological resources by our own fleet in the coastal zone of Fr. Kunashir and the exclusive economic zone of the Russian Federation with further processing of the catch in the shop Yuzhno-Kurilsk “69.1 million rubles.
  • “Construction of a production facility with a capacity of 10 million chum and 10 million pcs. pink salmon on the lake. Lagoon (r. Pervukhina) about. Kunashir “to purchase new equipment 9.4 million rubles.
  • “Construction of a workshop for the production of fishmeal and fish oil” for the acquisition of new equipment in the ownership of 11.9 million rubles

Divia-Farm Sakhalin LLC

  • “Production of Japanese Laminaria seaweed concentrate for the acquisition of new equipment 6.4 million rubles

Ostrov-Stroy LLC

  • “Fish factory on the Chekhovka river of the Kholmsky district” for the purchase of new equipment in the ownership of 20.98 million rubles.

  The enterprises of the fishery complex took part in the implementation of the federal target program“ Social and Economic Development of the Kuril Islands (Sakhalin Region) for 2016-2025 ”, using the following extra-budgetary sources in 2018, the following directions were implemented: </b >

  1. Creation of facilities for deep processing of fish products

Ostrovnoy Fish Plant LLC

The comprehensive investment project includes in itself the construction of a fishing complex in with. Malokurilskoe. The enterprise received the status of the first resident of the Kuril Islands TOP, an agreement on the implementation of activities was signed with JSC Far East Development Corporation. By 2020, a phased increase in the production of canned food, fresh-frozen fish and fillets, as well as fishmeal and fat, is planned to 252 thousand tons annually;

CJSC Kuril Fisherman

Investment project” Construction of a high-tech fish processing complex in the village. Krabozavodskoye ”-modernization of production and laying the foundation of a new plant, Krabozavodskoye branch.

  1. Update and modernization of the fishing fleet

LLC PKF South Kuril Fish Factory

vessel was purchased-Small longline for catching aquatic biological resources (pollock, cod, halibut, rasp).

  1. Construction of fish waste processing plants

LLC PKF South Kuril Fish Factory

Continues implementation of an investment project for the construction of a plant for the production of fishmeal and fish oil in Yuzhno-Kurilsk. The total project amount is 1,083.0 million rubles. The project is financed from its own funds (270.7 million rubles) and borrowed funds of Sakhalin Region Development Corporation JSC in the form of a loan (812 million rubles)-75% of the project amount.

  1. Implementation of projects for the construction of salmon fish hatcheries (hereinafter-LRW) in the Kuril Islands:

LLC PKF South Kuril Fish Factory »

continues the construction of LHZ on Lake. Lagoon (Kunashir Island). The project cost is 268.7 million rubles. On June 15, 2018, the first release of 1.5 million units was carried out. juvenile chum under an agreement with the Federal Agency for Fisheries. In the fall of 2018, the second laying of caviar in the amount of 3.2 million units was completed;

Continent LLC

continues construction of the LHZ on the river. Autumn Creek Chekist (Iturup Island). The project cost amounted to 200 million rubles.

Azimut LLC and Granis LLC

In the 4th quarter of 2018, a fish hatchery on the p. Savushkina (o.Paramushir). The plant’s capacity is 50 million pieces of juveniles. The company’s own investments amounted to 440 million rubles. In 2019, it is planned to put into operation 2 lines and launch caviar laying at full capacity.

 Currently under construction is the LHR on Sakhalin:

  • Ostroi Stroy LLC construction of a plant on the river Chekhovka, “Kholm city district.” In June 2018, the first fry was released. The plant’s capacity will amount to 40 million pieces of juvenile pink salmon and chum salmon annually;
  • LLC DO “Senchery” construction of the LRZ on the river. Dudinka, Dolinsky urban district;
  • LLC “Kanif” construction of the plant on the river. Obutonay, “Nevelsky city district”. The plant’s capacity is 25 million chum salmon a year.

Before 2020, construction is planned in the Sakhalin Region:

  • LRZ on the river Zyryanskaya (“Kholm city district”) with a capacity of 12 million pcs. chum-initiator of the project Dorimp Fishing Artel;
  • LRZ on the river Mountain, with. Gornoe-initiator IP Safronov A.V. (“Makarovsky urban district”). The cost of the project (2018-2020) will be 250 million rubles. In order to implement the project, a Far Eastern hectare was obtained in the area of ​​s. Mountain. Survey work was carried out, permission was obtained, construction materials were purchased, a site for the construction of a missile defense was prepared;
  • LRZ on the river Makarovka-the initiator of the project LLC “Fisherman” (“Makarovsky urban district”). The cost of the project (2018-2020) will amount to 250 million rubles.

There are intentions to build a plant on the river. Pionerskaya (“Kholm city district”)-the initiator of the project LLC RKZ “Laperuz” and on the river. Malinka (“Anivsky urban district”)-the initiator of the project LLC Ruskor.

On the territory of the seaport of Korsakov it is planned to create an industrial and logistics complex that will solve the main problem of the accumulation, sorting, storage of fish products for subsequent shipment to the buyer, or sale through electronic bidding. The project is located in the southern part of the seaport of Korsakov, near the mooring front, with a total land area of ​​7.1 hectares.

An auction was held to transfer berth facilities on a lease basis, and Korsakov Sea Commercial Port JSC was recognized as the winner. The issue of cooperation on the implementation of the project with various business entities, as well as updating the format of events, is being worked out.

 Work is continuing on the development of commercial aquaculture.

Based on the adopted Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation of 11.11.2014 No. 1183 “On approval of the rules for determining coastlines (boundaries of water bodies) and (or) the boundaries of parts of water bodies, sections of the continental shelf of the Russian Federation and sections of the exclusive economic zone of the Russian Federation recognized as fish hatches” and rikaza the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation dated 3.11.2015 number 94 “On approval of the Commission’s activities to determine the fish parcel boundaries” in 2018 carried out the work on the formation of fish parcel boundaries for placing aquaculture farms on p. Lovetskaya (part of the water area), p. Obutonay (part of the water area before the confluence of the Pereputka River), p. Crossroads (part of the water area before the confluence with Obutonai Island), p. Mordvinka (the entire water area), p. Ayrup (Lake Ayrup and the channel of Lake Ayrup), r. Berry, p. Shpakovka (Shpakovka River and the mouth of Lake Tunaicha), p. Komisarovka (mouth of Lake Tunaycha).

The status of town-settlement-forming enterprises was confirmed, which was granted the right to apply a reduced fee for the use of aquatic biological resources (as of January 1, 2019-Kurilsky Rybak CJSC and Severo-Kurilsky Seiner Fleet Base JSC).

The investment policy of enterprises will continue by attracting their own funds for the modernization of the fleet, the coastal infrastructure of processing plants, and the construction of hatcheries (an average of more than 2 billion rubles annually).

Main tasks in the fishing complex

At the federal level:
  • securing resources for the territories from which fishing is carried out by establishing requirements for the mandatory registration of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs in the relevant subject of the Russian Federation during the entire period of ownership of shares
  • delimitation of powers between the Federal Agency for Fisheries and the executive authority of a constituent entity of the Russian Federation regarding the transfer of all powers of coastal fisheries management to the executive authority of a constituent entity of the Russian Federation in fishing areas adjacent to the territories of this constituent entity.
  • the formation by the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation of normative legal documents ensuring the implementation of the Federal Law “On Aquaculture”, in terms of eliminating unnecessary administrative barriers in determining boundaries and providing fish hatches for use.
At the regional level:
  • adoption of measures for the full development of aquatic biological resources, including underutilized, allocated in accordance with the established procedure to the entity for 2018;
  • continuation of work to determine the boundaries of fish hatches in accordance with the requests of economic entities of the Sakhalin Region;
  • provision of state support to fisheries enterprises implementing investment projects on the territory of the subject and producing marketable products, including canned goods;
  • work with business entities to provide state support to enterprises engaged in the development of aquaculture in the Sakhalin Region (artificial reproduction and commercial cultivation);
  • in conjunction with fishery associations, continued work on a more active investment policy of enterprises;
  • continuation of work on monitoring the replenishment of the budget revenues of the Sakhalin Oblast from enterprises engaged in fishing, fish farming and processing fish products, as well as to prevent an increase in arrears and arrears of wages to employees;
  • preparation of proposals for improving the Federal Law of December 20, 2004 No. 166-ФЗ “On Fisheries and the Conservation of Aquatic Biological Resources” regarding regulation of the supply of catches and fish and other products made from them from aquatic biological resources on the territory of the Russian Federation, employment of the population in the territory of the Russian Federation, the repair and maintenance of fishing vessels in the territory of the Russian Federation, the implementation of catches and products made from them from fish and aquatic biological resources through exchange trading by fishing organizations using a system of increasing and decreasing ratios.