Geographical location and natural resources

The key boundaries

Sakhalin region is located in the far East of the Russian Federation, on the Eastern shores of the Eurasian continent in the transition zone from the continent to the Pacific ocean.It borders with Kamchatka, Khabarovsk and Primorsky territories, in the South – with Japan.


Influence of the sea of Okhotsk and the sea of Japanit is expressed in the mitigation of winter cold, especially in coastal areas, in the abundance of winter precipitation, making the island one of the most snow-covered areas of Russia, in the monsoon nature of winds and very high humidity.

As a subject of the Russian Federation Sakhalin oblast is a part of the far Eastern Federal district

Time difference between Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk and Moscow

8 hours

Distance from the regional center of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk to Moscow

10,417 km.

Mineral reserves of the region

on Sakhalin there are more than 50 species
mineral raw materials from which

  • oil and gas
  • subterranean water
  • mineral and thermal waters
  • peat
  • placers of titanomagnetite
  • coal and lignite
  • building material

In addition, there are placers titanomagnetite, mineral and thermal waters , manifestations ore gold, mercury, manganese, tungsten, silver, copper, lead, zinc, chromium, Nickel, cobalt, titanium, strontium, talc, asbestos.

Non-metallic minerals are represented bynative sulfur, cement raw materials and building materials. Строительные материалы представлены различными породами камня, глин, песками, гравийно-галечниковыми отложениями, пемзой. В районах нефтяных месторождений встречаются асфальтовые озера.

Ведущими отраслями промышленности в Сахалинской области являются нефтегазодобывающая отрасль, угольная отрасль, рыбопромышленный комплекс и энергетика. Доминирующее положение в экономике региона занимает нефтегазовый сектор, на долю которого приходится более 80% общего объема промышленного производства и более 70% налоговых доходов областного бюджета.