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General information

Only on Sakhalin there are more than 50 types of mineral raw materials, of which oil, gas, coal, peat, building materials and groundwater are of industrial importance and are developed.

The extensive use of land, water, mineral, biological and recreational resources available in the field allows to meet the basic needs of the regional economy and population, to maintain the necessary level of exports to the regions of Russia and the States of the Far and Near abroad.

The region enjoys a favorable geopolitical location due to its close proximity to the largest markets in the Asia-Pacific region and its advantageous position at the intersection of sea and air domestic and international routes.

The economy of the Sakhalin region is conditioned by a diversified structure with a dominant position of industries of high potential profitability (oil and gas production, fishing). Every year there is a positive dynamics of the main macroeconomic indicators.

All elements of transport and production infrastructure are developed in the region: air, rail, sea (including ferry), road, pipeline transport. There are seaports year-round.

Over the past period, the Sakhalin region has created unprecedented conditions for doing business. Support for investment projects implemented in the region is carried out at all levels of government.

Business support is provided both financially and using non-financial measures.

In the first direction, the initiators of investment projects are offered to compensate part of the costs associated with their implementation.

In addition, the budget of the Sakhalin region provides for allocations of the Investment Fund, which are provided for the implementation of investment projects carried out on the terms of public-private partnership

Non-financial instruments include, first of all, the possibility of providing investors with land plots for lease for the implementation of investment projects without competitive procedures (bidding). In addition, there are mechanisms for obtaining tax preferences by assigning investment projects the status of a Priority investment project of the Sakhalin region or a Regional investment project.

Many projects are being implemented today with the direct participation of the development institutions of the Sakhalin region, aimed at intensifying investment activities in the region.

To Finance the implementation of large projects, the Sakhalin region development Corporation JSC was established, which provides funds on the principles of payment, repayment, urgency and co-financing of expenses. The cost of borrowed funds does not exceed 5% per annum, and for investors implementing projects in the agro-industrial complex the rate is 0.5%.

For complex support of projects the Sakhalin Agency for attraction of investments which renders to potential investors on a gratuitous basis services of investment consulting is created, accompanies projects in the mode of “one window”, informs business communities about mechanisms of the state support of investors and renders assistance in their reception.

The development of the main points of economic growth is associated with the special regimes of entrepreneurial activity created in the region – the territories of advanced social and economic development “Yuzhnaya”, “Mountain air”, “Kuriles” and “Free port of Vladivostok”.

The key boundaries

The key boundaries

Sakhalin region is located in the far East of the Russian Federation, on …

Administrative center

Administrative center

Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk Municipalities of the region Alexandrovsk Sakhalin district Aniva urban district Dolinsky urban …

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