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(Русский) Сахалинская область — привлекательный для инвесторов регион

Letter to the Investor

Over the years, high investment activity has been observed in the Sakhalin Region. Investments in the regional economy are growing steadily.

In terms of the volume of investments in fixed assets, the Sakhalin Region ranks second in the Far Eastern Federal District. Investment projects are implemented in five territorial-sectoral development centers of the Sakhalin Oblast and correspond to the strategic directions of development of the region’s economy. Unprecedented business environment has been created in the Sakhalin Region. Support for investment projects implemented in the region is carried out at all levels of government using financial and non-financial measures.

In the first sending of investment projects the initiator proposes to compensate part of the costs associated with their implementation.

Non-financial instruments include, especially, the possibility of leasing land to investors for the implementation of investment projects without tender procedures (bidding). In addition, there are mechanisms for obtaining tax preferences by assigning investment projects the status of a Priority Investment Project of the Sakhalin Region or a Regional Investment Project.

The development of the main points of economic growth is associated with the special business regimes created in the region – the territories of the leading social and economic development of the “South”, “Mountain Air”, “Kuril Islands” and the “Free Port of Vladivostok”.


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