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4. Issuance of building permits

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4. Issuance of building permits

A building permit – a document confirming compliance with the project documentation requirements established by town planning regulations, plan and draft land survey, the implementation of construction and reconstruction of capital construction project, as well as the admissibility of the object of capital construction on the land in accordance with the permitted use of such land and legal restrictions.

The composition of the project documentation:
  1. Application for issuance of a building permit
  2. Documents of title to the land plot (extract from USRRE)
  3. Urban Development plan of the land (territory planning project in the case of placing the linear object)
  4. design documentation
  5. A positive conclusion of examination of project documentation (with regard to the project documentation provided ch.12.1 Article 48-49 of the Town Planning Code of the Russian Federation.); a positive conclusion of the state ecological examination of project documentation in the cases stipulated by Part 6 of Art. 49 of the Town Planning Code of the Russian Federation
  6. Copy of certificate of accreditation of the legal entity that issued the positive opinion of the non-state examination of project documentation, in the case represented the conclusion of non-state examination of project documentation
  7. Consent of all the holders of the capital construction in the case of the reconstruction of the object
  8. Resolution on a deviation from the limiting parameters permitted construction, reconstruction (if the applicant has been granted permission in accordance with Art. 40 RF Urban Development Code)
Documents required to obtain a permit:
  • explanatory note
  • Scheme land planning organization, made in accordance with the urban development plan land labeled object location capital construction, entrances and passes to it the zone boundaries action public easement, objects of archeological heritage
  • Scheme of planning organization of land, confirming the location of the line feature within the red lines, approved as part of the documentation for land planning in relation to linear objects
  • Diagrams showing architectural solutions
  • Information about the engineering equipment, the master plan network engineering and technical support with the designation of connection points of the projected capital construction object to engineering and technical support
  • Construction Management Project of the capital construction
  • The draft organization of work for the demolition or dismantling of capital construction, their parts
  • The list of measures to ensure disabled access to the objects of social-cultural and communal purpose, objects of transport, trade, catering, objects of the business, administrative, financial, religious, housing facilities in the case of construction, reconstruction of these facilities, provided that the examination project documentation of these objects was not carried out in accordance with Article 49 of the Town Planning Code of the Russian Federation

As a general rule, a building permit is issued by the local government on the location of the land, except in cases stipulated by the Urban Planning Code of the Russian Federation (the Federal Law of 29.12.2004 number 190)


In the municipalities Urban District “Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk” was created  Department of reception and delivery of documents  of the Department of Architecture and Urban Planning of the city of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk (building permits, the issuance of permits for commissioning of facilities during construction, reconstruction, etc.).

If the construction or reconstruction of capital construction project will be implemented within the territories of two or more municipalities for the construction permit is issued by the executive authority of the Sakhalin region –  Agency of Architecture and Urban Planning of the Sakhalin region.

Acceptance of applications for building permits, information on the procedure and the course of providing services and building permits can be performed via  the MFC Sakhalin region.

The site  gosuslugi.ru  realized the possibility of an electronic receipt service “Issue of permission to build the object of capital construction”

This service can be obtained in electronic form on the Portal of state and municipal services of the Sakhalin area:
Issuance of permits for the construction of the capital construction renewal of the permit for the construction of capital construction project.

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